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  • Renta platform uses to collect and connect your customer data with a data warehouse and third-party tools based on server-side integrations
  • Using server-side integrations, the Renta platform collects and connects your customer information with a data warehouse and third-party technologies.
  • Renta, a customer data platform, has an incredibly quick Jamstack website was created with Gatsby, Storyblok, and Netlify.


  • This build has a few difficulties, the worst two being two. The first step is to internationalize Storyblok pages (for 2 languages: EN, and RU). We made the early decision to separate the languages into folders, each of which would hold the associated pages.
  • The biggest surprise was that Storyblok "recognized" that the page had a copy in a separate language folder. The second one utilized outdated code. It took a lot of extra work to update the code that we had to change.
  • We were eager to refactor the code to comply with modern standards and make it compatible with GatsbyJS and React.



Redesigned the brand identitity including logo, colours, typography and tone of voice.

Deliverable: graphic brand assets and a detailed brand guidelines document.


Developed the website from scratch using modern web technologies. 100% custom setup, no legacy code.

Deliverable: Blazing fast website (sub-1-second loading speeds). Client had a public URL to track progress and make adjustments during development.


Deployed the website to production, set up a brand new analytics suite to track performance.

Deliverable: A hosted website on, easy to use analytics setup with conversion tracking.


Full website redesign. Analysed performance of all pages, built a new page hierarchy from scratch, designed all pages using the new identity.

Deliverable: component-based (reusable) Figma design document, brand new site map.


Connected a top-of-the-range content management system, and engaged contractors to produce content.

Deliverable: Easy to use, decluttered CMS and custom content for the full site, including both Russian and English versions, and SEO meta fields.


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Moving Renta to GatsbyJS and Headless CMS

Marketing businesses feel the Jamstack vibes. When Google announced their upcoming Page Experience update, Backlinko realized that they needed to improve their website. We are happy we could help.

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