What is Jamstack and Jamstack architecture?

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What is Jamstack?

Jamstack, previously stylized as JAMStack, stands for JavaScript, API and Markup (generated by a static site generator) and was first coined by Mathias Biilmann, CEO of Netlify in 2015. In Jamstack websites, the application logic typically resides on the client side (for example embedded e-commerce checkout that interacts with pre-rendered static content), without being tightly coupled to the back end server. They are mostly served with git based CMS or headless CMS. Netlify organizes a conference every year called "Popular Jamstack" that is co-hosted amongst others by Vercel and Cloudflare Pages.

Today Jamstack refers to a web development architecture that allows developers to rely on a static website’s advantages, including better web performance and security benefits, while still retaining the dynamic attributes of a database-oriented CMS without the database.

The Jamstack approach enables you to create fully dynamic sites while the real assets are pre-rendered static files deployed on CDN. The dynamic side of things is handled with client-side JavaScript, usually run through serverless functions.

  • JavaScript

    Any dynamic programming during the request/response cycle is handled by JavaScript, running entirely on the client. This could be any frontend framework like Vue.js, React, Angular, etc. or even vanilla JavaScript.

  • APIs

    All server-side processes or database actions are abstracted into reusable APIs, accessed over HTTP with JavaScript. These can be custom-built or leverage third-party services.

  • Markup

    Templated markup should be pre-built at deploy time, usually using a site generator like GatsbyJS, Nuxt.js, or Hugo for content sites, or a build tool like Webpack, or ParcelJS for web apps.

  • JAM


Benefits Of Choosing Jamstack for your company
  • Excellent Peformance
    Excellent Peformance

    Without a database, time-consuming numerous searches are not possible. Even up to 10 times quicker are static websites.

  • SEO advantage
    SEO advantage

    Going static also implies higher chances of ranking, which translates to more traffic and money.

  • Safety

    Static websites that lack databases or plugins are similar to fortifications. Additionally, a secure website costs less money to maintain.

  • Easy Content Management
    Easy Content Management

    You may create a website that is simple to use and completely customizable with a headless CMS.

  • Low Costs & Reliable Uptime
    Low Costs & Reliable Uptime

    Traffic bigger than usual? Not an issue here. With Jamstack marketing websites uptime is anytime. And doesn’t cost a fortune.


How Jamstack Architecture Work?
    • One of the main benefits of JAMstack architecture is that it allows for better scalability and security. Since the HTML is pre-rendered and delivered as a static file, there is no need for a server to handle each request, which reduces the load on the server and allows the site to handle more traffic. Additionally, since the server-side functionality is handled by APIs, the server is less exposed to attacks, which increases security.
    • JAMstack architecture is also known for its ease of deployment. Since the HTML is pre-rendered, the site can be hosted on a content delivery network (CDN), which makes it easy to deploy and scale.
    • Overall, JAMstack architecture is a modern and efficient way to build web applications that is gaining popularity due to its scalability, security, and ease of deployment.

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