Docsify VS Hexo


A static site generator made exclusively for building documentation webpages, Docsify is compact and easy to use. It is created using the well-liked Node.js runtime environment and is built in JavaScript. You are able to start producing your documentation straight away because it is simple to use and does not need to be configured.

To make it simple to navigate through huge documentation sets, Docsify automatically creates a table of contents and search feature based on the headers in your markdown files. You can observe your changes in real-time thanks to its built-in development server and live to reload.

It also supports various languages, and you may use custom CSS to change the look of your documentation site. Developers that need to produce and maintain documentation should consider using Docsify.

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Hexo is a Node.js based static site generator that is quick, easy, and effective. It supports several themes and plugins for customization and enables you to produce static sites from source files, including Markdown.

Organizing and structuring material is made simple with built-in support for tags, categories, and pagination. Live reloading and a built-in development server in Hexo let you preview changes as they happen.

Hexo is a flexible static site generator since it is simple to combine with other programs like Google Analytics, Disqus, and others. It is well-liked by developers who need a quick and simple solution to build a blog or documentation website.

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  • Docsify
    • To build documentation websites
    • Automatic Code Splitting
    • No Hot reloading
    • Founded in 2015, china
    • JavaScript
    • Static site generator
    • Simple file structure, no setup needed
  • Hexo
    • creates static HTML files from formats like Markdown or others.
    • JavaScript used as a language support
    • Static site generator
    • Customizable
    • To build static websites


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FrameWork Docsify Hexo
OverviewLearn MoreLearn More
Written in
HTML (Markup Language)
Template Language
EJS, HTML, Nunjucks.
Based on JS framework
Built-in module bundler
Static pages (SSG)
Dynamic pages (SSR)
TypeScript support
Serverless Functions (API)
yes but need to do separately
Focus on plugin system
Themes ecosystem
Hot reloading
Code Splitting
Data fetching
Yes using JS
Adding search
Regular security audits by external researchers
Environment Variables
Content Security Policy (CSP)
Written In-
Content Preview-
Third-party Script Optimization-
Image Optimization-
An option to disable runtime JS-
Critical CSS Extraction-
10+ Headless CMS examples-

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