Hexo VS Remix


Hexo is a Node.js based static site generator that is quick, easy, and effective. It supports several themes and plugins for customization and enables you to produce static sites from source files, including Markdown.

Organizing and structuring material is made simple with built-in support for tags, categories, and pagination. Live reloading and a built-in development server in Hexo let you preview changes as they happen.

Hexo is a flexible static site generator since it is simple to combine with other programs like Google Analytics, Disqus, and others. It is well-liked by developers who need a quick and simple solution to build a blog or documentation website.

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Remix seamlessly integrates server and browser runtimes, ensuring swift page loads and instantaneous transitions through the utilization of distributed systems. It leverages a contemporary development stack and is built on top of the well-known JavaScript framework React to offer a seamless and effective workflow.

Remix employs server-side rendering (SSR) for a swift user experience, diverging from other frameworks that may utilize static site generation (SSG) or incremental static regeneration (ISG). It offers a robust yet simple framework for creating and maintaining content, as well as simple customization and design options for the website.

To provide a comprehensive and reliable solution for developing and distributing static websites, Remix may also be readily linked with other tools and services, such as content management systems and analytics platforms.

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  • Hexo
    • creates static HTML files from formats like Markdown or others.
    • JavaScript used as a language support
    • Static site generator
    • Customizable
    • To build static websites
  • Remix
    • using the Ethereum blockchain to create and implement smart contracts
    • Compiles and deploys smart contracts to the Ethereum blockchain
    • No Hot reloading
    • build in support for web 3
    • Solidity used as a language support
    • Use Ethereum framework


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FrameWork Hexo Remix
OverviewLearn MoreLearn More
Written In
Template Language
EJS, HTML, Nunjucks.
Based on JS framework-
Built-in module bundler-
Static pages (SSG)-
Dynamic pages (SSR)-
TypeScript support-
Serverless Functions (API)-
Focus on plugin system-
Themes ecosystem-
Hot reloading-
Code Splitting-
Content Preview-
Third-party Script Optimization-
Image Optimization-
An option to disable runtime JS-
Critical CSS Extraction-
Data fetching-
10+ Headless CMS examples
Adding search-
Regular security audits by external researchers-
Environment Variables-
Content Security Policy (CSP)-

Static Site Generators

The ease, security advantages, and speedy content delivery make static site generators the next big thing.


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