Next.JS VS Gridsome


With the help of the adaptable Next.js React framework, you may build quick online apps. It enables you to create React-based static web apps with server-side rendering. It's a fantastic tool for creating your future website

Nextjs can be your first choice when developing your next online application because of its numerous fantastic features and benefits. For creating lightning-fast, extremely SEO-friendly Jamstack websites, Next.js has become one of the most popular React frameworks.

You may use React to create your user interface before incorporating Next.js capabilities gradually to address typical application requirements like routing, data fetching, and integrations, all while enhancing the developer and end-user experience.

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Gridsome is a cutting-edge website development framework for building quick, safe, and deployable websites. To develop an SEO-friendly markup, static HTML files are generated. Once loaded in the browser, the markup hydrates into a Vue. js-powered SPA.

A Gridsome website will receive nearly flawless page speed ratings, which are crucial for SEO and user experience in today's market. This makes the website scalable, quick to deploy, and search engine-indexable.

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  • Next.JS
    • Server-rendered Applications
    • Pulls data from APIs, databases, and other sources at build time or run time
    • Built time is fast because it does not pre - fetch data
    • Can be Slower Performance
    • Manual Code Splitting
    • Serverless Deployment
    • Hot Reloading
    • Good SEO
    • Large and Active Community Support
    • Ecosystem is Smaller but growing
    • Founded in 2016, United states
    • JavaScript
    • React
  • Gridsome
    • Static site generation
    • Pulls data from APIs, databases, and other sources at build time
    • Built time is fast because it does not pre - fetch data
    • Fast Performance
    • Automatic Code Splitting
    • Serverless Deployment
    • No Hot reloading
    • Good SEO
    • Growing Community Support
    • Ecosystem is Smaller but growing
    • Founded in 2017, Sweden


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FrameWork Next.JS Gridsome
OverviewLearn MoreLearn more
Written in
Template Lanuguage
Based on JS framework
Built-in module bundler
Static pages (SSG)
Dynamic pages (SSR)
Developer Experience-
TypeScript support


Serverless Functions (API)
Focus on plugin system
Themes ecosystem
Hot reloading
Code Splitting
Content Preview
Builit-in Optimizations-
Third-party Script Optimization
Image Optimization
An option to disable runtime JS
experimental feature
Critical CSS Extraction
experimental feature
Starters or examples with common use cases-
Data fetching
10+ Headless CMS examples

Adding search

Regular security audits by external researchers
Environment Variables
Content Security Policy (CSP)


Custom HTTP headers rules
Template Language-

Static Site Generators

The ease, security advantages, and speedy content delivery make static site generators the next big thing.


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