Storyblok VS Cosmic


Storyblok is also a web service, so you only need to register an account to create a project. It is more difficult to use than Contentful, but has more room for customization. In addition to the main entities, here it's possible to make auxiliary ones to use as components of the main entities. Storyblok allows grouping entities and content independently.

Also, this CMS has a unique feature. It can include your code on the frontend to see a preview of the content being created, which is important for content managers.

Of course, Storyblok has some flaws. It's not beginner-friendly, so a bit of learning is required to understand its interface. Then, it is only available in the paid version. Storyblok also has restrictions for entities, content, and files, but they are much wider than in Contentful.

Finally, Storyblok is a good CMS if you have fairly complex data structures in your project and want to fine-tune them.


For both developers and content creators, the Cosmic Headless CMS offers a versatile and scalable content management experience.

The Cosmic CMS is used by businesses to manage their blog content since it is simple to manage team members, content, and approval workflows. Your team can build apps and manage content more quickly by working collaboratively with capabilities like Revision History, Content Preview, and Scheduled Publishing.

Cosmic offers simple content modeling and migration tools to make it easier for you to get started, whether you're creating a new blog or transferring an existing one.

Since Cosmic has guidelines for several JS frameworks, including React, Vue, Angular, and Node.js, it is mostly used for websites and applications created in JavaScript. However, it has expanded to include tutorials for Go, Ruby on Rails, Java, .Net, and Python as well.

cosmic image
  • Storyblok
    • Pricing Starting From $90.75/month
    • Best for 1-1000+ users
    • No recognition till date
    • All Features are there including AB testing and many more
    • They have 4.0 stars review
    • Till now there is not proper pros and cons
    • We can only deploy on could based platform only
    • There is customer but not 24/7 live support
    • Founded in 2015, Austria
  • Cosmic
    • Pricing Startin from $0/month
    • Best for teams
    • Founded in 2012, Texas, United States
    • They have 4.5 star review
    • recognization in many countries
    • Best CMS for Jamstack


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FrameWork Storyblok Cosmic
OverviewLearn moreLearn more
CMS Type
Editor Experience-
Dashboard Internationalization
Multilanguage Content

available as a paid add-on

Scheduling & Releases
Content Versioning

available as a paid add-on

Preview Content
Multiple Environments
feature called Merge Request
Customizable UI
Team Management-
User Roles
Custom User Roles
Organization Management

available as part of the Starter tier

Developer Experience-
Images API
via api (query)
Content Management API
Field Types
Custom Field Types

available as a paid add-on

Free Tier-
Free Plan Available
Team Members
Security & Compliance Offerings-
Two-factor authentication
Team Logs
Built-in Backups & Restore

available as a paid add-on


A headless CMS is a content repository that may transmit content via APIs to any front-end or device. All of your content and components are stored in the headless CMS.


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